Saddle Up!

/ Posted on June 28th, 2011


I am pretty sure everyone has heard of “Mane n’ Tail” shampoo and conditioner… Right??!!   This stuff has been around for quite some time.   I wanted to blog about it because I had forgotten about Mane n Tail until I was reading some hair tips on Google. It suggested Head and Shoulders made your hair grow faster as well as Mane n Tail.

Well, let me just say I was not too keen on the idea of using  Head and Shoulders.  So, I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to get me some horsey hair!  Surprisingly, the company has come out with a wide selection of products. I went simple and grabbed the original shamp+cond. 

 I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and I really like it. Which is embarrassing to all the expensive hair care items in my shower.  My hair feels really soft and healthy.  I am not sure if it has rapidly started to grow, but it does feel thicker. (which is always nice)

I am a big fan of these products.  I am assuming someone else out there uses Mane n Tail. Give me some pointers!!!  Unless your suggestion is Head and Shoulders. …No Thanks


Jayme Foxx

Got Plank?

/ Posted on June 13th, 2011

Alright, I have decided to explain the planking to everyone because frankly, I am tired of everyone asking! :)

“Plank” refers to the yoga position, to be stiff as a board, working the ab muscles

There really isn’t some cool story to tell.  One day I was on Facebook. My friend Havilah was posting pictures of herself planking at work.  I was really intrigued on how awkward this was to do in public.  Me, being the awkward person that I am, was hooked!  I wanted to try it out for myself.  So, a few friends and I started planking and tagging Havilah so she could see us planking. Little did I know, It was a worldwide phenomenon!  After doing much research, I saw that a guy died in Australia… from planking.  Now, before you start sending me more emails about how I am going to die, I just want to let everyone know that I will not become a “dare-devil planker”  I just like to be “weird & awkward planker”  Savvy? 

So, there you have it!  My boring planking story!

I have attached a few of my favorite planks that I have achieved!

For those of you who are confused/irritated by the planking… LIGHTEN UP!!


Planker Foxx


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/ Posted on May 27th, 2011

Has everyone noticed how Leopard always tends to make a comeback. Right when everyone gets sick of it, it is gone. 2 years later its back and bigger than ever.
Right now, Leopard print shoes are back and more fierce than ever. I am in love with these Steve Madden wedges. Wicked-L

I wear a size 8.5 in case someone is feeling generous hahah!

Jeffrey Campbell also makes a Leopard wedge 


 but I am not a huge fan of the “itty bitty” leopard print. It looks very cheap to me. You know how much I love Jeffrey Campbell.. he did not do such a great job on these! Sorry Jeff!

Does anyone have any other trends they are sick of or trends they wish would come back?
Not gonna lie, I have always been a big fan of leopard print.

Jayme Foxx

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Hairy Eyelids

/ Posted on April 27th, 2011

I have been on a “mascara” hunt for quite some time now. I literally have tried EVERYTHING! Thank you to everyone for the help and suggestions!

I am dedicating this blog to the best and worst mascara’s. If you do NOT care about mascara, you will no longer be needed here :)


CoverGirl – Lash Blast $7.99
this is the MOST flaky, sticky mascara ever. My eyelash curler got stuck to my lashes everytime I used it. Flaked on my face all day! sorry Drew Barrymore, but I am not a fan

M.A.C.- Plush Lash $14.00
Nope, nope and nope! this mascara is so sticky and made my lashes very brittle. I love MAC but not their mascara’s

Maybelline – Great Lash $5.00
Honestly, I don’t see what is so great about this mascara. My lashes didn’t look longer and thicker. just darker. So, I wasn’t too impressed


Fresh – SuperNova $25.00
This mascara is tar free and alcohol free, so my lashes were not sticky or flaky. Also it has a conditioning oil that helps your lashes.. YES!!

Almay – Get up and Grow $8.00
I was hesitant with this BUT I am surprised! It wasn’t flaky or sticky and has natural conditioners to help promote lash health/growth. LOVE THIS ONE

DiorShow – BlackOut $30.00
I was a big fan of this mascara, the only downside to this – it dries out pretty quickly. If you don’t like spending $30 on a mascara then I would suggest you grab Benefit – Bad Gal Lash. It literally is the EXACT SAME THING for $19

I hope this helps anyone out there struggling with mascara’s. Also, if there is a mascara I did not name that kick’s ass, please let me know.  I am sure I will try it :)


Jayme Foxx

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I know the Secret!

/ Posted on March 30th, 2011

Haven’t we all wanted “the perfect bra?”

Well , I found it!  Victoria’s Secret has a bra called “Body by Victoria – Racerback Demi”

Its  HEAVEN on my boobies :)  It has MemoryFit, which basically means memory foam. It forms to the bosom and its soft. There is very little padding (which is awesome) and ITS RACER-BACKED!!!  I don’t know about you gals, but I HATE having to criss-cross my straps or find that tiny, little annoying hook on the strap to racerback the bra.  This is already racer-backed! I wear alot of tanks and I hate when my bra straps show.

Let me just tell you why I am blogging about a bra!  This bra, yet functional and comfortable.. also makes my boobs look like a vanilla sundae! They kick ass in this bra!  I have never been more happy with a bra. To add the cherry on top, its only $45.00. I bought one in buff and black!  

Give me some advice on better bras if you all have one that you think is better than this one.. I’m pretty hooked — get it.. Bra.. hooked?  nevermind haha!

Viva la Boobies

Jayme Foxx

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