Get it together, ladies !!!

/ Posted on April 2nd, 2012


I can NOT stand it when you ladies don’t take care of your nails.  Really?!?!? Is it that hard not to pick or fix a chipped nail ?!?!?!  It drives me crazy. If you can’t maintain your nail polish.. then, don’t paint your nails.  So simple.  If you can spend 30 mins on your hair, spend 30 seconds repairing your janky ass chipped nail polish.   I hate when I see a gorgeous girl… dressed awesome from head to toe, fly as can be.  I look down at her nails and they are janky.  STOP BEING JANKY.  If you are asking yourself, “why don’t I have a boyfriend!”  Try looking down at nails… is your polish chipped ?  There is your answer.  Maybe you are single because, every guy that looks at you thinks “wow, if she can’t keep up with her nails then maybe she can’t keep up with her hygiene”  chipped nails may mean that you don’t shave your legs… or something else ;)

Get it together, ladies.  Let’s keep our nails looking good…

You’re welcome for the advice.

Jayme Foxx

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