/ Posted on August 27th, 2011

I am not quite sure how to start this, so I am just going to jump right in!

I was adopted when I was a newborn! I was adopted through an agency called Edna Gladney. They specialize in Adoptions and women who are looking to give their baby up for adoption.  My parents couldn’t have children of their own, so they decided to adopt my brother and I.  My brother and I come from different birth parents.  Growing up, I always knew I was adopted.  My parents always told my brother and I that we were adopted and we were so special because they waited years for us to come join their family.  Its strange to think about how many people are adopted.  I couldn’t imagine not knowing I was adopted. I am thankful that my parents told me at such a young age, so that I would grow up with an understanding and not resentment.

The reason for this blog is, I have found my birth mother.  I just recently (in the past 6 months) made contact with her.  We haven’t met yet, but we stay in contact through letters.  It is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced in my life to see pictures of someone that looks just like me.  I have never looked at another person and seen a resemblance in myself. It’s so crazy! Its something I feel, that people take for granted everyday. Its so cool to see someone with the same nose or the same smile and eyes!  I mean, WOW!  I still look at the pictures and get the biggest smile on my face.  It so strange how much closure a picture can bring.  Even if,  her and I never meet, It is still so satisfying to know that she is out there, proud of me and loving me after all these years. The sacrifice she had to endure giving me up for adoption. What a strong woman, I respect her so much. She gave me the best parents and brother, the best life and a new path.  I am just so happy to have found her and for having her know that I accept her choices and love her just the same.

Life throws alot of curve balls at you, Its strange how everything hapens for a reason.


Jayme Foxx

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