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/ Posted on November 1st, 2010

While out shopping one day for some new skincare, I ran across Mario Badescu.  I had never heard of this line before.  After testing out all my options, I decided to purchase the Buttermilk Moisturizer.   Now let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a total consumer.  If someone tells me that a product will give me the smoothest skin, the shiniest hair and the whitest smile I will probably purchase the item. Even though I am a selective on my consumerism’s, I still give in.  With Mario Badescu there were no whistles and bells.. yet I was hooked!

With that said, I will continue my story. So for a couple of days I used the moisturizer.. It was really nice.  My skin was softer and more hydrated than most of the fancy-smancy products I’ve used in the past. I decided to try their other skincare products. I currently use the Seaweed toner, Hyaluronic SPF day cream, Hyaluronic eye cream and the Seaweed cleansing soap.

In all truthfulness.. my skin hasn’t looked/felt this good in awhile.

The cool thing about Mario Badescu is they don’t promote their products with fancy packaging and labels. They are reasonably priced as well. Mario has stated in a few interviews that he prefers to offer botanical skincare at a reasonable price with “no frills” packaging.  I totally love that. “Sorry Chanel but I wont be purchasing your $100 eye creams simply because of the awesome “CC” logo on the top.”

So anyway , check out the site they have everything from dry skin, acne and normal/combo products.  All botanical and no animal testing :) Head to any Ulta and check out his products first hand!

Has anyone reading this tried or currently use any of his products.. Gimmie feedback on your favorite MB product.


Jayme Foxx

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